About us

Cube Operating Concept is a brand-new Telecom Services Provider active in Switzerland. Powered by Lycamobile through the brand Cube Mobile, Cube Operating Concept offers exclusive postpay subscription plans both to individuals and to companies.

Cube Mobile was born from a simple finding: in Switzerland, mobile communications are among the most expensive of the OECD countries (Source: Eurostat-OECD, 2017). The high prices do not meet users’ expectations any longer and are not always reflecting the real value of the delivered services.

That is why Cube Mobile offers to you exclusive subscription plans:

  • With no minimum duration: your satisfaction is the insurance of your loyalty
  • Square, plain and simple: most competitive and clear prices for controlled expenses
  • Transparent: your bill strictly matches your phone subscription plan
  • Flexible plans: you can change your plan or your options in a few clicks